Ever wanted to learn some in-depth astronomy? Are textbooks worded boringly? Then good news! Stella the Star is not only hecka cute, but she’s also gonna teach you the life cycle of a Sun-like star AND you can learn all the science mumbo-jumbo words too!

This was my final project for the Astronomy class at my University a few years back, and honestly I’ve been meaning to upload it for a while now. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did creating it! c:

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this is utterly adorable and informative!


Anger is a powerful motivator. I have been thinking about starting this blog for a while. I have been taking notes for a lot longer. I have been playing around with Tumblr for a week or two, but it was not until I got mad as hell today that I had the energy and motivation to write my first entry. So, we will begin our story right smack dab in the middle of things and we will likely zoom backwards and forwards in time from here.

There have been many videos and many thoughtful and not-so-thoughtful critiques posted about the ALS bucket challenge in the past week. Of all the articles that I have read, one comes the closest to saying what I would have last week had I the time or energy: MJ Dinius, “On the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and Ferguson,” on Avidly. I have posted a separate link to the article if you are interested.
I offer this post as a supplement to that one. Dinius makes the point that rather than getting all caught up in the volunteerism and self-congratulatory generosity of the bucket challenge, we ought to insist on structural changes to our health care and insurance systems. ALS is a terrible disease to get not only because of what it does to your body and your quality of life but also because almost none of your needs and/or costs will be covered by health insurance.

Today, Dustin and I learned that the ONLY care services for which health insurance has provided any support whatsoever will be withdrawn—for good. ALS falls through the cracks of the health insurance system as we know it. I don’t know if you are aware of it, but according to most health insurance providers, bathing, eating, and toilet-ing are not medical necessities. But let’s put this into context: we are talking about living and dying in a country that force feeds prisoners, who dare to protest their abuse and living conditions or the illegality of their imprisonment in the first place with hunger strikes.

As of today, the physical therapists (PT), occupational therapists (OT) and home health aids (who help with bathing) will all go away and they are not likely to return. They are going away b/c health insurance only covers services or procedures that lead to patient rehabilitation and/or recovery. So where does that leave people with terminal illnesses? For someone with ALS, PT is not about regaining strength or functioning. It is about making Dustin more comfortable in a body that is unimaginably uncomfortable most of the time. Physical therapy is a stretching session, during which the PT performs range-of-motion stretches on Dustin. These stretches relieve the physical suffering he endures as someone with chronic muscle spasticity beyond what most of us could imagine. Remember how your body felt on the tightest day of your life, whether due to the after effects of a strenuous workout or the overall tightening caused by stress, and then tighten that exponentially. Within the health care system, this program is coded as maintenance rather than rehabilitation. Maintenance is not covered.


de-generation document: Mad as hell

A colleague who teaches at LSU wrote about her experience caring for her husband who has ALS, work, family, politics, ethics, and other issues. She’s an amazing thinker and wonderful person. It’s a long post. It’s hard reading, but there’s so much more to read if you click through. I’ve been thinking about it all morning. As someone who lost a grandfather to ALS, who’s constantly afraid of developing genetic ALS, who cares about ethics and justice, her post really struck a nerve.  

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The Parallel Project



It would totally honour me if you would take a gander at my first fundraising project as a part of my internship with the charity organization, CameroonONE. I’d also appreciate if you’d spread the world, as this is very important to me, not only for experience, success, future job training etc. but also because I’m West African (my grand parents actually met in Cameroon) and programmes like this that target the groups hardest hit by things like war, famine, health issues (usually infectious but sometimes chronic), flood, rape etc. in Africa (and esp. West Africa) are very important to me <3

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if i ever stop reblogging this it’s because i’m dead and in my grave. 

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This has never not made me laugh.